Q. Who is SNAP Infusion™?
A. SNAP Infusion is a lifestyle brand for Generation Next. We are the creators of Naturally Designed SUPERCANDY™. We believe in an active, healthy lifestyle, but we also have needy tongues.

Q. Why the name SNAP?
A.Snap means movement. It’s an epiphany. It’s action. Speed. Excitement. Sensation. Celebration. Snap has inspired cultures to boogie. Speaking of – do you know about Snap Boogie? Sorry, we digress.

A.All the deliciousness and instant gratification of CANDY, packed with SUPER nutritious benefits that a healthy body loves.

Q. So is it just like candy?

Q. What makes it SUPER and nutritious?
A.SUPERCANDY is infused with six B vitamins for energy, vitamins C & E for antioxidant value, and key electrolytes – magnesium, potassium and calcium – for fluid balance. Each one of our products contains our patented Snap beads inside, so you can actually feel SNAP delivering natural goodness with every bite.

Q. So, is SUPERCANDY a tasty craving-killer or a health-obsessed shadow of yummy?
A.We’re candy – the real deal. Like an apple, we have natural sugars and healthy, functional ingredients. But like a candy bar, we’re @#*&ing good.

Q. What makes SUPERCANDY sweet?
A.The natural sugars found in Xylitol. Believe it or not, Xylitol is science-ese for sweetener extracted from birch and beech wood chips and bark. It contains about 40% fewer calories than sugar and is shown to reduce the risk of tooth decay. In other words, if you want candy that won’t rot your teeth, SNAP has your back. Get the full lowdown by clicking “Nutrition Information here– and by reading more about Xylitol.

By the way, SUPERCANDY has no high-fructose corn syrup, trans fats or artificial sweeteners like aspartame or sucrose.

Q. Will it make me land a triple-twisting-variable-body-dunk without falling on my tight end?

Q. Is there caffeine in SUPERCANDY?

Q. How much SUPERCANDY should I eat?
A.As much as you want. SUPERCANDY is not a supplement. It’s a quick and delicious snack made from stuff you can feel good about devouring. A pack of SUPERCANDY can provide sustained energy to keep you on the field or on your board. Of course, moderation is key with any snack.

Q. When should I eat SUPERCANDY?
A.Morning, day and/or night.

Q. How do I party with MEL?
A.You’re obviously on our website. That’s a great start. Check the blog, Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter and watch us on Youtube.

Q. Will I be able to stop eating SUPERCANDY?
A.Doubt it.

Q. Does my tongue really have dreams?
A.Of course. Tell us what it’s dreaming of right now.